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BENIN CITY-EDO STATE- APRIL 21, 2022. PJI’s ‘The Freedom Project’ Conducts Food Drive for 30 Beneficiaries because ‘they all need eligible packages of hope too.’

To assist beneficiaries in their recovery from the import of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, PJI’s ‘The Freedom Project,’ organized a gathering for 30 beneficiaries (survivors of trafficking and women who are at risk of becoming trafficked), to educate them on the potential medical implications of ignoring COVID-19 safety measures as well as to remind them of best mental health practices, which include ensuring that they are taking advantage of the psychosocial support being offered by PJI. Further to our Each One, Reach One initiative, beneficiaries who are at risk of trafficking also got to connect with survivor advocates who are mentoring them throughout the lifetime of the Project, thus building a trusted community of support.

APRIL 2022, BENIN CITY, EDO STATE- The Redemption Project (‘TRP’), launched in August 2021, is an ongoing 18-month project implemented within the framework of The Action to Support the Fight against Human Trafficking in the Gulf of Guinea (the “ALTP Project”), which is funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France.

As part of the Project activities, Pathfinders organized a life skills training on building self-esteem and confidence (post-trafficking experience) and a business training on business/personal model canvas to help beneficiaries through rehabilitation, reintegration, and their journey to sustainable economic independence.